Established in 1998 by a group of mothers who craved better recreational space for their children to grow. The Marblehead Family Fund has raised funds for most of the playgrounds we all enjoy today. Projects include the Gerry Playground (Stramski Way), Devereux Beach, Bud Orne, Seaside, Hobbs, The Telescope at Chandler Hovey Park and the Spyglass at Fort Sewell.

Our current project is the rebuild of Hobbs Playground. Anyone who has visited the playground in recent years can clearly see the equipment is not only outdated, but rusted and poses safety risks. Our new playground will not only be safe for our children, but will be accessible to children of all abilities - becoming a place where children of all capabilities can share inclusive experiences with their peers. But it comes at a cost - we need to raise $300,000 to make the dream of a new Hobbs Playground a reality.

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Safe, accessible, sustainable playgrounds that will require minimum maintenance and upkeep are expensive, but worth it for our children to enjoy for years to come!

Marblehead Family Fund Team members

Board Members

Laney Dowling
Sara Riffel
Ann Foley

Juli Sweeney-Seaver
Meghan Gainer
Suzi Jordan

Jaime Bloch
(Marblehead Recreation & Parks Department)

Up coming plans...

We'll transform Hobbs from an old, rusty, potentially dangerous area to a beautiful, safe, fun playground that's accessible to all, but we need your help!