Established in 1998 by a group of mothers who craved better recreational space for their children to grow. The Marblehead Family Fund has raised funds for most of the playgrounds we all enjoy today. Projects include the Gerry Playground (Stramski Way), Devereux Beach, Bud Orne, Seaside, Hobbs, The Telescope at Chandler Hovey Park and the Spyglass at Fort Sewell.

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Board Members

Jaime Andrews
Tina Rhodes
Alyssa McCool
Angela Paradise
Ann Foley
Ashley Gallagher
Caroline Lawler

Julianne Sweeney
Kate Benoit
Katy Bednar
Kim Siragusa
Laney Dowling
Liz Coughlin
Mary Kennedy
Mia Brousse
Nicole Connolly
Rosie Barrett
Sara Durgin
Suzi Jordan
Vanessa Quick
Lindsay Willard
Madey Poss
Debi Goldstein