The creation and maintenance of playgrounds in Marblehead is independently funded through the work of the Marblehead Family Fund. MFF is a community -based organization created to improve Marblehead's playgrounds, parks, and open spaces. We also provide low-cost, family-focused events for our town's recreational spaces. Our most recent mission was to install communication boards across many of our community playgrounds!

Past Playground Project Success

Hobbs Playground

Hobbs Playground, located at Brook Road and Ware Lane, has long been a favorite of the town's youngest children with bucket swings, short slides, and a merry-go-round. Originally built decades ago, the equipment had deteriorated over time. The new Hobbs Playground, completed in 2022, is a place where differences disappear and children can share inclusive experiences with their peers.

We thank everyone for their donations to help rebuild Hobbs!

The MFF is passionate about providing safe and inviting environments in Marblehead, and we're looking forward to out next projects! If you have suggestions, or would like to be involved, please email mhdfamilyfund@gmail.com.

We will need to support other playgrounds around town in the future, and will continue to accept any donations for playground upkeep and upgrades.

Please click on the button below, or send donations to:
Marblehead Family Fund
P.O. Box 502
Marblehead, MA 01945

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Thank You to our Hobbs Playground Project Donors!

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